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INSURE CANADIAN is Life Insurance and Mutual fund Brokrage where,we believe in offering plans which are simple and affordable. We strongly believe in educating our clients so that they can make informed decision for sound Financial Security. Our Carriers are Top Canadian Insurance and Mutual fund providers.

Huria Kiran



Huria Kiran Certified Life Insurance Expert

Huria Kiran is the President at Insure Canadian and is a member of the Independent Financial Brokers of Canada. She has a passion for covering current issues affecting the Life and Health Insurance industry in Canada. Huria ‘s focus is to educate, entertain and inspire others towards what financial success means to them.She is Certified Life Insurance Expert based out of Ontario .She worked with families and business owners to develop sound financial plans. She is an expert in her field due to her dedication to the profession, her willingness to learn and adapt, and her continued education through reading and experience. She has a Masters’s degree in Commerce Specialization in Accounts. Her mission is to educate and spread financial Knowledge to help people to make informed financial decisions. Huria grew up in Pakistan and ventured over to Canada as Immigrant at her 20s. She is the oldest of five children.

She is the Author of Book "Price for peace”. She been involved In community services and won several awards as recognition

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My Book


Huria Kiran Author of "Price for Peace"

She is the Author of Book "Price for peace”. This book helps you to determine the Right price of Financial peace. This is an insightful analysis of life insurance Plans available also provides a practical road guide illuminating the issues and potential problems faced by Canadian.This is a marvelous compilation of meaningful life insurance concepts, Knowledge, and Recommendation of how to use it in most cost effective manner.Price for peace gives you a better understanding of the concept of Insurance and concept of securing, family and business. Book shows Huria’s Clarity of thoughts, Compassion to share Knowledge and her experience which is backed up with her ability to communicate, articulate and motivate to protect right.

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